The Pinwheel phone: The NEW dumb smart phone in town!

Oct 14, 2020


Episode 33:

The new Pinwheel phone puts the parent in control and will grow with your kiddo! No ads, no digital addiction, and no negative influences of social media, AND you can add on BARK to monitor the connections to the outside world that you do allow. Win win win!!! 

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Okay. Okay. You probably heard my episode from yesterday and you're like, what is this other thing that she has mentioned that she is so excited about, but I absolutely am very excited to share with you today that there is a new dumb smartphone in town. And this one grows with you. Like Holy cow dreams come true all over the place here. So we're going to chat about that. So stay tuned,

Speaker 2: (00:25)
Welcome to your source for tips, tools, and support to help you be that mom that is tuned in and proactive for yourself, your family, and for the wild ride of raising kids in this digital age, inspired by a mother's love with a relatable, real life. Proud to be that mom flair. This is the bead that mom movement with your host Dolly Denson.

Speaker 1: (00:51)
Alrighty. So here we are. And this episode is so exciting for me to make, because I know that so many of you have been looking for something like this. So I absolutely still endorse the other smartphone that I have mentioned on my other episodes. I absolutely have that listed in my show notes as something to consider, but this gives you an option to compare to, if you feel like this one would be more appropriate, they are both amazing options to start your kid out with tech, to help them to be more responsible and help them to kind of grow up with the tech and responsible use and all of that versus just giving them access to the entire world with a smartphone, you know, from the get go, okay, so this is what I'm talking about. The pin wheel phone, Holy cow, you have to check this out.

Speaker 1: (01:36)
If you have younger kids, this is going to be such a dream come true for you. The pinwheel phone is basically a dumb smartphone that grows with you. It gives you as the parent discretion as to what they can access, but it has no internet browser and has no ability to have social media. There is no way for any kiddo to work around anything, but it does have apps that are available and that grow with them. And that you can decide whether or not to include them or not. Um, they have a, like a criteria list that they use to consider what is included as an app on the phone. It has to be something that is not just like mindless consumption, consumption, like pure entertainment, like watching Netflix. Um, it cannot be addictive. It can not be one that has like a Vegas effect where it's going to spike the dopamine and gives you these rewards for just this mindless activity.

Speaker 1: (02:28)
Um, it absolutely has to be something that promotes human connection. First education growth, no social media. It helps you to have your kids to be connected to you into friends if you want them to be, but not connected with social media. It also, uh, the criteria also makes it to where parents decide or the final decision maker in what is included on that phone and nothing that is included on it. And it's going to have the set up to where they are going to be shown ads and that they are going to be, you know, just like this pawn in someone else's game of, you know, getting us addicted in all of those things. It is basically a user, a, an operating system that removes the ad driven in addiction, driven business model of our smartphones. Are you not jumping for joy right now? I, so am I, so am just like I said, with bark home, I wish I could take this in a time capsule and I could go back in time and have it when my kids were in their elementary and early middle school ages.

Speaker 1: (03:29)
Oh my God, it would have transformed those years for them. And even to this day, Holy cow, you've got to get this. If you have a younger kid, you feel like, you know, your kid just can't handle a smartphone, you know, be the parent, pull away what you need to and make the decision for them. But this truly is a gift that our, I think that our kids will thank us for, at some point down the road, because they are not going to be that kid that is exposed to social media and all of the influence and impact that comes with that. All of the creeps out there that are trying to get at our kids, all of the addiction and the dopamine driven action Tivity that, you know, just takes our kids out of their childhood of doing hands on things out of, you know, developing their, their, uh, sense of self and all of that thing without the outside intrusion of the world that is happening at younger and younger ages when we put a smartphone in their hands.

Speaker 1: (04:24)
Okay, seriously, I'm so excited about this. Can you tell, so basically when you sign up for this, um, you will have a caregiver portal that you can sign into and you can control what is on that phone and decide which apps you want to allow and which ones you don't. The phone has a couple of different options. There's one that looks like, uh, just a, a smartphone. And then there's one that is a rugged one. So for a younger kiddo, you would want them to have the young, the rugged one most likely, and it actually come, you can purchase a really like rugged looking kid case to where, if they drop it and stuff like that, it's not going to be this fragile smartphone that's going to shatter on this screen and all of that. So it would be safe for those younger kiddos. So, uh, you order it and you can use your own data plan, or you can use their data plan.

Speaker 1: (05:18)
You can cancel it at any time. And the price for it is actually pretty reasonable. I have heard from some that like that have at and T and things like that, that the data plan through pinwheel was actually better, not as costly as through their provider. So you just have to kind of compare those things and see, um, which one you want to do. Okay. And then you can cancel the data plan at any time. There's no obligation all of that stuff. So this does have a camera on it and music and things like that. So it has things that will, the kids will be excited about. It looks like a regular smartphone. It can grow with them and just such an amazing option for them to do or to use. So I hope that you will check this out if you are in a place where you need or want to give your kiddo a phone.

Speaker 1: (06:12)
Uh, Oh, and I almost forgot the most important thing. This integrates with bark. It integrates with bark. Um, that's the shortcoming of the other dumb phone that I've mentioned. And I believe that's something that they're probably gonna change, but as of right now, this integrates with bark. So what that means is it's going to monitor those text messages. It's going to monitor that activity, where they are communicating with other people where they can't add contacts, delete contacts, different things like that. But trust me, things go down in the text messages. And as you heard in my other episode about the text message scam that, uh, someone tried to rope us into that was basically like a predator type of thing going on in our local area, where they were trying to get information and deceive some of the young girls in our area. And they happen to get my phone and think that it was my daughter's phone.

Speaker 1: (07:02)
And, um, I think that could have turned out very, very badly if it happened to have not been me, that they contacted. So things happen in the text. Messages definitely needs to be monitored. And that's, what's so beautiful about this is that it does integrate with Bart. And then it also with bark, uh, besides texting it also monitors, uh, Spotify and it monitors messenger kids. Okay. And it also will help you to do location check-ins. So Holy cow, I'm out of breath because so much with this to be excited about. So if you don't have bark, go to, use code, be that mom for 20% discount for life of your subscription, it is super, super affordable to use, um, you know, across the board. It's one cost for all of your kiddos and then go to pinwheel. Um, I will put the link in the show, no notes, but go to pinwheel to check that out.

Speaker 1: (07:52)
Use code, be that mom 10 T E N, to get a discount when you order on this as well. Okay. So I hope that you will get some of these resources in your back pocket to help you navigate this. And then if you're not already in my, be that mom community on Facebook, jump on in there today, it is the be that mom movement community. So search for it, or click with the link in the show notes and get into our community so that we can support each other. And if you are a mom that needs to get your self care and check to have that strong foundation for yourself to navigate all of these things, I cannot emphasize enough how helpful it is to have those habits in place so that when the going gets tough, you have your own place to stand your own mouth.

Speaker 1: (08:38)
And, uh, it just helped just to manage all the other things. So if you are needing tools and would love to have a community to support you in that, so you're not doing it alone. It is absolutely the best, uh, option out there to join my fit club. I have expert design tools and then a wonderful community to help support you. So don't hesitate to reach out to me, click the link in my show notes, check that out. I cannot emphasize enough how life changing that has been for me, both with my personal health, as well as being a mom of teens that are the victims of this digital age, and that need our love and our support and our strengths. And it just complicates it, that we have all the digital things on top of just the toughness of being a teen. So it gives you your own strength so that you can show up with love and understanding with your child. And so we can help them to grow and help them to continue to be children as long as they need to be, to help develop themselves without the outside world telling them who to be and all of that stuff. Okay. Can't emphasize it enough if you've listened to my podcast, you've heard it before. Okay. But anyways, so glad to have you here, please connect with me. If you would like to get this phone ordered the new dumb smartphone in town, and I'll chat with you next time.

Speaker 2: (09:54)
Thanks for tuning in being that mom isn't easy, but together we can be that mom's strong. Don't forget to leave a review, connect on social and join Dolly's free community till next time.


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