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Equipping moms to navigate the wild ride of raising kids in the digital age.


Are you THAT Mom?


Are you struggling with raising kids in the digital age?

Do you have a nagging feeling that you need to be doing more, but don’t know what?

Or have young kiddos asking for tech and don't know where to start?

Going a little crazy with navigating all of the digital things?

Welcome to The Be THAT Mom Movement, a movement of moms born out of discovering the hard way that we HAVE to be proactive about protecting our children in our digital world with this new realm of parenting!

Being THAT Mom is an empowerment movement, where we are unafraid of taking a stand for our children, & where we get to choose what is right for our family, our kids, & ourselves.

Being THAT Mom also means finding time to get grounded, tapping into our inner strength, self-care, health, & living a life by design, because navigating this new realm of parenting needs us to be fully present and strong.

Join me in stepping up into being THAT Mom with strength, knowledge, and courage, so that together we can be proud of protecting our kids while navigating the ups & downs of this new realm of parenting.

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Dolly Denson

Founder of The Be THAT Mom Movement & Podcast

Founder of Align your Life Wellness

Wife, Mom, Podcast Host, Nurse Practitioner , Wellness Coach

Dolly is a wife and a survivor of barely getting by while raising three kids and giving her kids tech with no guidance or inkling of an idea the impact that decision would make.

With her real mom experience plus her background as a nurse practitioner and wellness coach, she is passionate about equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to be THAT Mom strong! 

Join the movement!!